Kobe Basketball Academy

Kobe Basketball Academy. Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The five-day camp focuses on the Flex offense, the Princeton offense and the Triangle offense.



Kobe Bryant Media Interview

Kobe Bryant answers questions about the Academy, the Lakers, an update on health, management, free agents. 

"I don’t think about the knee at all when I train. I don’t think about the Achilles at all when I train. I feel sharp, crisp.”

Kobe on Byron Scott: “He was my rookie mentor when I first came into the league. We’ve had a tremendously close relationship throughout the years. I’ve always been a fan of his.”

Would Byron Scott be someone Kobe would like to coach the Lakers next season: ”Yeah”

Kobe says he would love to see Carmelo Anthony in L.A., saying: “We’ve really clicked since 2008. I would love to see him out there.” calls Carmelo’s decision a “Legacy-defining moment”. Kobe also talks about a plan ”B”.

”You have to be flexible. Plan B is a solid plan. You just have to play the waiting game a little bit and see how things shake things out.”

"God forbid we end up with nothing but it’s not for a lack of effort."

On Lakers Management: ”They are pulling out all the stops to ensure we put a contender on the floor next year. That’s all you can ask for.”


Kobe on new Laker Julius Randle: “He has a passion, from a skill perspective he has the tools.”

Kobe’s message to free agent Pau Gasol: ”My biggest message to him was make sure you enjoy the process. The ball’s in your court.”



(Photos by Michael Owen Baker/Los Angeles Daily News)