Kobe Bryant Returns Home Leaves China An Inspiring Message
Kobe Bryant has returned to Los Angeles, but his impact abroad cannot be measured. His visit will inspire countless of young athletes, his words will leave a lasting message.

Before returning home, Kobe had one last chance to reflect on  his ninth visit to China, spoke on the progress the game has made and spoke on his perspective in life, leaving lasting words.


Kobe had a chance to reflect on his time in China and how the sport has grown:

“Went by so fast, it’s been incredible, when I first came out here there was so much enthusiasm for the game, now it’s progressed, now there is so much skill to go with it. A lot of hard work in the last nine years, every day I come back seems the players keep getting better and better.”


Kobe also spoke on using his own setbacks as an example, learning and responding from challenges:

“Hopefully it’ll inspire them to understand that overcoming is part of the deal, part of living. When you are faced with those types of challenges, you have two options, one you can shy away from it, do nothing about it or you can rise to the challenge. Doesn’t matter if you are a basketball player or a writer, we all have obstacles, hopefully what we’ll do here is inspire everyone else to do the same.”


Kobe returns home focused, clear the goals set for himself have not waivered.

“Well, to win a championship. To do that you have to work hard every single day. Every day for me is an opportunity to get better, an opportunity for my teammates to get better, for us to work together as a group to accomplish that goal, the end goal is a championship, but along that journey there is a lot of work that goes in between.”


Kobe used his own life lessons as examples to relate to athletes facing challenges:

“I wasn’t the fastest one, I wasn’t the most athletic one, I had to learn to play with what I had, which helped my skill level, eventually I grew, became faster, but then I had the skills to go along with that.”


His words will have a lasting impact, his visit becoming a tale of inspiration for future generations.

“That’s what makes everything very exciting. You can’t appreciate the sun if you don’t have a stormy day now and then. Keep on learning. It’s a journey; it’s not about the destination.”

“If every day you live with the idea of getting better, then the end result will be something that’s beautiful.”


Video: CCTV News Interview

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